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About Wireless @ Virginia Tech

Wireless @ Virginia Tech was officially organized as a research group in June, 2007. Prior to that, we were known as the Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group (MPRG). Wireless @ Virginia Tech brings 18 core faculty members with technical expertise in wireless networking, communication systems, applied signal processing, dynamic spectrum access, cybersecurity, RF technologies, and system integration. While expertise lies deep within electrical engineering, collaboration with disciplines outside of electrical engineering, such as computer science, mathematics, economics, and business, also makes up the Wireless @ Virginia Tech team.

Wireless @ Virginia Tech has a 26 year history of solid research results and innovations that has contributed to the rapid advancement of wireless technology. But our greatest contribution to the expansion of wireless technology is by far our students. Wireless @ Virginia Tech has produced exceptionally gifted and well trained students that are aggressively sought after in both government and the private sector and that remains our primary mission. Wireless @ Virginia Tech will continue to pioneer research in the field of wireless networks and technology. The future of wireless will be the overall theme of our Wireless Symposium & Summer School which is scheduled for June 1-3, 2016. We hope you will attend the symposium and help us chart that future.

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