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Virginia Tech's Second Symposium on
Wireless Personal Communications

June 17-19, 1992


  • (1-1) CDMA Development Status for Digital Cellular and Personal Communications Network
  • (2-1) Cellular for Personal Communications
  • (3-1) BT's Quest for Cordless Access in the UK
  • Broadband-CDMA: A PCS Wireless Technology to Achieve Wireline Quality and Maximize Spectral Efficiency
  • Adaptive Equalization for Digital Wireless Data Transmission
  • Simulation and Performance Analysis of Dynamic Channel Allocation Algorithms in DECT
  • (7-1) Error Reduction of DMPSK Transmitted Over Flat Fading Channels
  • (8-1) PCS Control Channel Considerations
  • (9-1) A Wireless Data Modem for Local Communications
  • (10-1) Simulation Study of Spectrum Sharing Between Microwave Links and Personal Communications Systems
  • (11-1)A Non-Iterative Algorithm for Estimating the Impulse Response of ISI Channels
  • (12-1) Analysis of DS/CDMA: Use of Moments and Gaussian Approximations
  • (13-1) Predetection Diversity for CDMA Indoor Radio Communications
  • (14-1) Error Rate Prediction for High Data Rate Short Range Systems
  • (15-1) Theoretical Prediction of Propagation Over Buildings for Low Base Station Antennas
  • (16-1) Site-Specific Propagation Prediction for PCS System Design
  • (17-1)Ray Model of Indoor Propagation
  • (18-1) From Wired to Wireless: Historical Lessons and Other Oxymorons
  • (19-1) The Standards Setting Challenge for PCS






News & Events

Symposium 2015

Wireless @ VT Seminar Series
Every Friday at the Signature Engineering Bldg. This week's preview: A Statistical Spectrum Sensing Approach for Asynchronously Received Digital Amplitude-Phase Modulated Signals
Contact Dr. Harpreet Dhillon for more info!

New Merit Based Fellowship Offered in the Fall of 2015

Dr. Walid Saad is the Recipient of 3 NSF Grants

Virginia Tech Students Present at MILCOM 2014

Dr. Reed & Dr. Park Work to Organize a Wireless Spectrum R&D Senior Steering Group Workshop

Dr. Jerry Park & Dr. Marwan Krunz Awarded NSF Grant to Study Coexistence of Heterogeneous Secondary Networks

Drs. Park, Dietrich, Marojevic and Reed Awarded Grant for LTE Enhanced Testbed

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